My experience as a Summer Intern at Osmosys

“The more you learn, the more you earn.”

— Warren Buffett

With that said ,I have finally taken a new step in my life as a student. In my 4th year as a Student I gained my first work experience at a Microsoft gold partner company, Osmosys.

I trained there for a month between 30 may to 30 june 2022. The first week was about learning how the company operated. We were introduced to an app called slack which is used within the company to pass important information and coordinate between the employees. As trainees, we were assigned work every day and were given a deadline. It was easy for us to check what needed to be done and organize our schedule according to the deadlines mentioned in the slack app messages. On the other hand, it was also easy for the

Mentors to keep a track of the progress made by the trainees through the useful features of slack.

Slack UI

For our training we were asked to enroll in the CS50 Course for computer science by Harvard University. It was a splendid course which helped me brush up my topics which included important concepts like data structures, cpp and sql.

The course was divided into weeks with each week covering a specific topic and then providing the students with related labs and questions to solve.

The quality of questions was very good and I would recommend the course to anyone looking to start learning or brush up their concepts.

After learning the core concepts we moved on to the frontend web development topic like html css and javacript. After learning these concepts I prepared an extension for chrome called Lead-Tracker.


Lead-Tracker is an extension which helps anyone who wants to keep track of websites or profile pages especially on websites liked LinkedIn. Any company whether small or big wants to organize their leads. This extension can help the HR department of those companies. On the other hand, it can also be useful to any student who wants to organize and keep track of any interesting articles or websites that they think will be useful to them in the future. It works similarly to the “MyFlow” feature of the OperaGX browser.


The mentors regularly organized weekly tests to keep a track of our progress and highlight our weaknesses. The test consisted of 30 multiple choice questions and 3 coding questions which tested our knowledge about the topics we learned during the week. They also helped provided appropriate assistance to point out the mistakes or optimize the solution if possible. They organized meeting to guide us through the course and also any queries other then the course as well.

Overall it was a good experience to learn things at Osmosys. It also motivated me to learn some new things on my own like Golang

And made me curious about other fields as well. I feel more confident than ever to step in the computer science industry and keep learning new skills and improving as a programmer in general.